2021-2022 Games 3 & 4 vs, #20 AIC

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Re: 2021-2022 Games 3 & 4 vs, #20 AIC

Post by Old Cage » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:31 pm

^ Not much reality there!

1. The Sox game ended well after 8.
2. I am a season ticket holder and I had the baseball on the big screen and our hockey on my laptop. You are NOT going to get much of an adult walk-up crowd in October for pucks with baseball playoffs and college football all over the tube, and FREE STREAMING of the hockey.
3. If you have 4500 students in Jan-Feb-Mar, when Big East games will attract walk-ups, you are taking away thousands of potential paying customers per game (beyond the season ticket holders) that would pay for some decent amount of the annual hockey budget.
"Jack didn’t have any envy in him," Calipari said. "He was the greatest coach to ever coach here."

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