Failed Sending EMail?

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Failed Sending EMail?

Post by UMass02 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:54 am

This error has popped up occasionally after I submit a post for posting. It should be noted that my posts go through and actually appear on the board.

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 234
File : emailer.php

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Post by Old Cage » Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:56 pm

Same here.
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Post by Refuse2Lose83 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:54 pm

I've gotten that 5-6 times in the last few days, my message still gets posted though.
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Post by InnervisionsUMASS » Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:45 pm

Got that too making my post in the Miami Ohio football thread.
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