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Post by ShadesOf96and98 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 1:07 am

ShadesOf96and98 wrote:Hey, my original point had nothing to do with whether I thought Lappas should or shouldn't be fired. I only said that players are loyal to the coaches who recruit them - just think of all the backlash Don Brown got for leaving his players at NU. I never said these players would FOLLOW Lappas, or even that Lappas would get another job right away. But the chance is certainly there that if Lappas goes, those he recruited would go as well. You just can't deny that.
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Post by Swampy » Mon Jan 31, 2005 1:42 am

You can say whatever you want after the fact but in your original post you clearly stated that Maxwell will transfer because he's a Lappas guy."

AFTER THAT you began equivocating and started with the BS. You're a fraud. :lol:

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Post by obg » Mon Jan 31, 2005 2:33 am

If the coach is gone in March, there is a chance that some players will want to leave. That will be determined after a new coach is in place. Some may go because they think that they would better off somewhere else. Some could go because their scholarship isn't renewed. Scholarships are for one year only.) There isn't a thing that we can do to change it. I hope that if the change occurs most of the players remain.
About the fan support, there are two groups and I'll give my view one at time.
The students: (This is a guess. I haven't been a student since God was a kid.)
First of all their attendance doesn't effect the money from ticket sales they pay fees to support the Athletics whether they go or not. They are important for other reasons including the money the games brings in to the department. TV is a great money maker. TV wants entertaining programing. They just want a noisy crowd with some colorful antics to show off. Large groups of young people having fun, dressing and cheering with class and imagination get to be on the tube. The TV people like that kind of crowd. All of that isn't worth a dime if the teams aren't competitive.
Some players are effected by the crowds others turn them out. Teams however are effected by the crowd attitude. What will bring the students is fun. If their team plays well and wins their share of games and they are treated well they will come.
The paying customers: They are Alumni, friends of the program and people who like watching basketball. They are the people who buy the tickets. Some of them give money to the program above the ticket price. Some of those are alumni or friends of the program. There are a lot of the latter. There are names of a lot people who never went to the school in an annual report of donations. What do they want? They want to see a competition between two teams who are good at the game. If the talent isn't up to be able to compete or if the game plan is faulty and the team is not winning, there is not much fun watching it. At the Richmond game the fans were clapping early when we climbed to a 13 point lead. They were silent while we fell 7 points behind at the half time. The silence continued early in the second half as the Spiders raised their lead. But we came back. When we caught up the fans were standing and cheering. The standing and the cheering ended when the FTs were missed and the three sshot was wasted. Silence returned. The fans left without much to say.
So where did all the fans that used to come in the ninties go? It wasn't fun anymore. Too much time of silence and too little time of standing and cheering. We have reached in the last three years poor talent or poor planning or both. It doesn't matter. It has to be fixed or more fans will go. When they go some of them stop donating or they donate less. I don't think the fans are going to be satisfied with an occasional trip to the NIT. I think we must look higher or the Bill will still be empty seats.
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Post by McUMass » Mon Jan 31, 2005 2:51 am

well posted... good objective account on the reality of this program

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Post by Umass73 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 7:03 am

Instead of focusing on who will be lost, if Lappas leaves in March, is there any chance the new coach will bring new talent to Umasshoops with him? I do agree that we may lose some players if Lappas leaves, but I do not believe many will leave to go with Lappas. It is likely Lappas' career is over after this, unless things turn around quickly.
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Post by zombiewoof » Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:25 am

MullinsManiac wrote:1) Keep the status quo with a coach that has sent the program into a downward spiral, but keeping the roster relatively stable.
Lappas keep the roster stable? Not so far at least. A downward spiral AND lots of player turnover is more like it. No gracias!
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Post by vanmeter » Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:04 am

Lets look at the players who 'could' leave if Lappas leaves. I am only going to use players who are, if fact, playing minutes this year:

Freeman - very very unlikely, a prop 48 player he can get 2 more years of playing if he graduates, as expected in 2006. If he transfers he will sit out a year and only have 1 year of ewligibility left.

Viggiano - very, very, doubtful a Jr. with only 1 year of eligibility left. His parents attend all the games. Unlikely to tranfer out miss a year for only 1 more year.

Salovski - very doubtful. One of the reasons he cam e was proximity for parents to attend. Very, very popular with fans I cannot see him opting out.

Lasme - doubtful. Has improved his game and recognizes he will get alot of minutes again next year. If a new coach comes in and Lasme feels he could lose playing time - he may opt out. However doubtful.

Carrier - doubtful - only because as a prop 48 he would sit out another year and then only have 2 left. He has 3 left if he stays.

Maxwell - doubtful. While it is possible that Max may leave, he gets tremendous PT here and wil continue to get it. I think he has really improved his game and will play mostly at the 2 or 3 next year. Would be the point guard if they cannot sign anyone, but I think he is more effective elsewhere. Along with Freeman he figures to be the rock of the team. Would he trade this to go elsewhere where playing he takes a chance on playing less.

Bowers - the most likely of all payers to transfer - regardless of who the coach is. Has seen playing time drop - justifiably. I think Bowers mayleave.

In every instance, I do not think that Lappas leaving would have any bearing. I also cannot believe the players are happy playing before 2-3000 fans. A change in coach 'should' brinmg a new life to this program and their supporters.

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Post by Kosty » Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:13 am

Add to this list Milligan who just transferred in from Pitt. I doubt he'd leave another school because I think he would still have to sit out another year for leaving a second school. Is that correct?

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Post by Swampy » Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:59 pm

ShadesOf96and98 wrote: Why did Mike Lasme sit out a year?
I didn't realize that Mike Lasme sat out a year. I thought that he was part of Lappas' second recruiting class. Is there a chance that you may be wrong about this? Unless of course you're referring to him leaving this coach for Colorado. He definitely was willing to do that but again, it was to get away from this coach, not to follow him somewhere.
ShadesOf96and98 wrote: Why do you think Max WOULDN'T sit for a year? What if the new coach told him he didn't want him to play point guard?
Simply because he WOULDN'T HAVE TO sit out. Why would the kid leave a situation where he'll be starting at the 1 or 2 and follow his coach to a lesser conference. And, make no mistake, if this coach is let go, he'll definitely end up in a lesser conference than the A-10. The only way he leaves to follow his coach is if that coach ends up at a Div II school and he then doesn't have to sit. The chances of Max doing that are about zero!

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Post by Umass73 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 6:33 pm

Just read an article in the Herald today about BC and because of their win streak YTD they may crack the top 5 tomorrow and better yet the article indicated they may get a top seed in March and will get to play the 1st 2 rounds at the Worcester Centrum. I'm not happy where our program is now. I want a coach that is leading us to March Madness and the only question is how high will we be seeded? I would also like to be playing at the Centrum in March!

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Post by Floyd » Mon Jan 31, 2005 7:58 pm

Plus maybe they'd stay for the opportunity to play for another coach if they hire someone who has some credentials or shows some promise. A new coach that's worth anything probably would have some connections to get some talent to follow him here as well. Don't you think the guys here now would be excited to play for someone who could help them become better players?

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