Is it too early to start talking Head Coaching Candidates?

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Is it too early to start talking about Head Coach Candidates?

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Post by Kosty » Mon Jan 31, 2005 7:35 pm

DS Bruce Robertson wrote:He went ballistic. His hooves were smacking against the floor. He threw his trident out onto half court. He even lost a couple of the human souls he was gnawing on...
Just ever loving F'ing awesome!!!! As someone I know would say "That's restaurant quality right there".

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Post by fbiman » Mon Jan 31, 2005 7:53 pm

Floyd wrote:[quote="PintOGuinness
For me, Cal leaving wasn't as much about the money as it was about him getting out before the s&*t hit the fan with the Camby scandal. I agree with DS, the guy already made piles of money at UMass and, believe me, his family's future was more than secure.

I can't help but think that he left because he knew the NCAA posse was coming, the 15M was added incentive.
What exactly were the sanctions that the NCAA posse handed down to UMass as a result of the alleged improprieties by Calipari?[/quote]

Uh, isn't the fact that they had to vacate their FF4 appearance in 1996 a sanction?
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Post by obg » Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:01 pm

Come on DS! I was at that game and had a clear look at the whole thing. When he went off Flint pointed to his bench. When Jarvis saw the bench he laughed, kneeled down and bowed to Bru in understanding. I thought it was funny as hell, and I have hated Jarvis since he was cheating at Cambridge and would have loved to have something new on him. It wasn't there.
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Post by Floyd » Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:03 pm

I believe the school was cleared of any wrongdoing, wasn't the FF4 removal because Camby was deemed ineligible because of his dealings with an agent? I didn't think it had anything to do with Calipari

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Post by Hoops411 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:05 pm

Speaking of Cambridge, the way Jarvis got into college coaching was by riding Ewing's coatails am I correct?
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Post by UMass87 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:36 pm

yes and yes.

DS Bruce Robertson
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Post by DS Bruce Robertson » Mon Jan 31, 2005 8:43 pm

obg wrote:Come on DS! I was at that game and had a clear look at the whole thing. When he went off Flint pointed to his bench. When Jarvis saw the bench he laughed, kneeled down and bowed to Bru in understanding. I thought it was funny as hell, and I have hated Jarvis since he was cheating at Cambridge and would have loved to have something new on him. It wasn't there.
Well I didn't say he never stopped freaking out. Obviously he eventually turned his attention to getting a certain Governor from Texas "elected" to the Presidency.
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Post by local » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:19 am

I am not saying I would ever forget that Jarvis was the first one to beat Umass in the Bill and the fact that he ran across the court pumping his fist after the game. I jsut think he did the best with the talent that he had at GW and was able to put together sort of a freakshow of a team that played very well. How many souls do you think it would take to get him here?
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Post by Rocks22 » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:38 am

No more Big East dropouts! Period. :evil:

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Post by Swampy » Tue Feb 01, 2005 11:51 am

My opinion: A Senior's POV

Mr. Marzelli, this is really not a true story but you might want to read it just the same.

I was an excited frosh way back in the fall of 2001. I was excited to be on my own for the first time with no parents telling me I had to get up and get to school. Now, for the first time in my life, I could get up when I felt like it and do what I pleased without my parents always in my face about "do this," and "do that."

I was also excited because i'm a hoops fan and the team had just had a pretty good year. They went on a run in the conference and got to the finals so I was REALLY looking forward to my first season to show everyone I was the best UMass fan on campus!

It was pretty easy that first game at the Mullins standing there with 6,276 of my closest friends cheering the team to victory against Ark Little Rock. And that win was followed by three more so we were off to a 4-0 beginning. But, I guess all good things must come to a quick end because what I have been witness to for my remaining time here has just sucked the life out of me!!!

By the end of that first season I was in the Mullins watching UMass beat Rhody with 3,896 of my closest friends and it somehow just wasn't as much fun. The team ended the season 13-16 but only had a 6-10 conferencce record. Tough to get behind those numbers. But, I kept telling myself that things would get better because after this year the coach would have more of HIS players and he promised that they would win more and play HIS style of basketball. I guess the players that he had left over just were not good enough to grasp his intricate game plans.

Oh well, I left for the summer but promised to return with a willingness to go above and beyond in cheering the 2002 hoops team to victory.

Things sure looked good too. There I was at that first home game back in the fall of 2002 against BC with 6,391 of my closest buddies just waiting to explode! Coach had more of HIS players and I just KNEW that this was going to be the year for me to shine as the best fan ever!

Alas, we got whacked that day by eighteen and it was all downhill from there. Although the last home game that year was a W against St. Blows there were only 3,562 of my closest friends there to watch. And, that was followed by a one-and-done performance in the A-10 tourney! The team ended the season with a 11-18 record and another abysmal 6-10 conference record! All of a sudden my once unflappable fan support was starting to erode but I tried to keep it together. I had another summer to re-charge the engines and return to Amherst in the fall of 2003 with a renewed vigor!

That first game against Hartford was a real letdown for two reasons. First, we lost to a pretty bad team and secondly, there were only 2,433 of my closest friends there to watch. Alas, the team's performance for the rest of my junior year was a complete and utter disaster. They finished the season on a 1-7 slide and another one-and-done performance in the conference tourney. Pretty sad too because I had saved money to get out to Dayton to cheer them on. The team record was a very disappointing 10-19 with an horrendous 4-12 conference record.

I just gotta tell ya Mr. Marzelli that what I experienced my first three and a half years here at UMass has made me just a tad cynical. Now, when there's a game I find it REALLY hard to get out of bed. And, what's even sadder is that NONE of my friends even know when the games are because they're sick and tired of the losing. And, as a college kid, I just can't see myself spending two hours with a bunch of 60 year olds who don't have a life.

Maybe, after I graduate this spring, the hoops team will have some success. I hope so because I really feel bad about me and my friends no longer supporting the team. Especially now that you and the coach have blamed their losing and poor performance on US!

Have a nice day.

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Post by Bubby » Tue Feb 01, 2005 12:56 pm

Bobby Cremins? (former Georgia Tech coach?) :shock:
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Post by Used to be VOR » Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:03 pm

Bubby wrote:Bobby Cremins? (former Georgia Tech coach?) :shock:
He is Lappas Jr...... good recruiter at a major conference school, but a LOUSY in-game coach. The only thing he has going for him is the previous ability to land good point guards.

Me-thinks that bread has long gone stale.

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Post by nale » Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:06 pm

obg wrote:It is a bit early but I will say if it happens I hope they come up with a young guy with fire in his belly and a brain in his head with the talent to get it to the players.
Exactly what I think would be best obg.

Wojo of Duke may be that type of guy.
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Post by 78 » Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:10 pm

I don't think Swampy's post could hit the nail on the head any better or harder!
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Why Gonzo would come to UMASS

Post by Rollie » Tue Feb 01, 2005 4:09 pm

I can tell you why he would come to UMASS because I know him well. He likes the job, always did. Talked about it years ago for its location and situation and likes the idea of it being state and knows he can easily get players. He wants to stay in the northeast and believes he can be very successful there.

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