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Post by UMass87 » Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:15 pm

Grey Wolf wrote:.. America and we're striving for 15 Wins?

"Refuse to Play by the Rules" and look where it got you.......
This coming from a Beagle fan...a fan of a school with a tradition of....oh yeah betting on and throwing games.

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Post by bdance » Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:21 pm

They also have an outstanding night school program.

Grey Wolf
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Post by Grey Wolf » Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:52 pm

I guess we here at Umass are a bit jealous that BC is going to the ACC and will be playing the likes of Duke, UNC, Maryland, Gtech, Wake, NCST and we're stuck playing St.Duquesne and St.Bonaonanoanaoanventure.

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Post by PintOGuinness » Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:55 pm

Yeah, we're real jealous. We're gonna get to watch you get your ass beat each year in football by the likes of Miami, Fla State, and Va Tech, and also get the privilege of watching you get your ass beat in hoops by UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, and Ga Tech twice a year.

Oh, and nice gag job against Syracuse. BCS for BC? LOL!
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Post by dingo38 » Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:57 pm

but it took a umass guy to get you there
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Post by Minutemanfan » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:03 pm

Grey Wolf wrote:Let's be realitic.

1. We arent getting 7,000 for a game vs. BC
2. We dont have a legitimate shot vs. BC

They are extremely athletic and Craig Smith will get Freeman into foul trouble.

Its sad that we are talking about selection Monday (NIT). We play in the worst D1 conference in America and we're striving for 15 Wins?

"Refuse to Play by the Rules" and look where it got you.......
Yeah...let's be realitic... :roll:

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Post by DS Bruce Robertson » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:05 pm

I'm talking NIT because after beating BC, UMass would be 7-3 with 17 games remaing, 16 of which would becoming against the pitiful A-10. It would take some mammoth underachieving for a team that starts out like this to regress to the point that they struggle with the conference slate. You can give away 5 losses to the good teams and add a couple upsets to the weak ones and you're still looking at 9-7 which means 16-10 and depending on what happens with FSU it could be either 17-10 or 16-11 going into the A-10 tournament. And that's if they get swept by Temple, GW, Dayton and Xavier. The East other than Temple is awful, so UMass is a very good bet to finish 2nd and get a bye and then get a terrible team who played the day before in the 1st round in the A-10 tournament before getting GW (most likely) and going 1-1 in the A-10 tourney. Give the ACC team the benefit of the doubt and say UMass loses to FSU. That's 17-12. That's NIT. Now if there's a little bit of not blowing games to weak teams in conference, or actually beating some of the better (but not all that great themselves) teams in the A-10 and if FSU remains a beatable opponent, this team is looking at th NCAA's.

Of course, there is always the possiblity of regression and mammoth underachieving...
You know, say what you will about America, 13 bucks still gets you a hell of a lot of mice.

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Post by Scott O » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:06 pm

OK, enough of this. I am a licensed phychiatrist and Grey Wolf is a patient of mine. Please go easy on him. He is gravely in need of his meds for his psychosis and very poor self esteem. Unfortuneatly there is no cure for his really small dick.
Retarded artistically. Idiotic in other respects.

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Post by DS Bruce Robertson » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:07 pm

Don't feed the trolls.
You know, say what you will about America, 13 bucks still gets you a hell of a lot of mice.

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Post by Swampy » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:09 pm

krkess wrote:
Swampy wrote: Except for that "Safety School," Holy Crap, BC has won all their games going away.
Actually, when they beat BU it was by only 6 and it took them 2OT to beat Yale.
And "actually" Umass beat Birmingpork Southern by four, Davidskid by three, BU by two and were blown out by N'Eastern the Zags and Miami.

My point is that I would KILL to have their record. What's yours? That, unlike BC, Umass would have rolled over Yale?

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Post by philosopher » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:35 pm

Please note, Grey Wolf used the first person plural. That means (1) he is a UMass alum (2) he has a turd in his pocket, or (3) he thinks that because the voices speak to him, that makes him special. :wink:

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Post by MullinsManiac » Wed Dec 29, 2004 6:19 pm

A little reality check for those of you who think a win over BC locks up an NIT bid: We'll still have 17 games plus the A-10 tourney. Given the way this team has ridden several waves -- both good and bad -- over the Lappas era, I fully expect at least one low wave.

Am I happy that this team has won three in a row? Of course. But the last four years have taught me to be VERY skeptical. That's not being negative, just realistic.

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Post by MikeUMA » Wed Dec 29, 2004 7:33 pm

I'm really confused by this Grey Wolf character. He bashes us one place, then says "we" like he's a UMie.

GW: what side are you on here, UMass or BC?

If you're a UM fan: you suck.
If you're a BC fan: you suck, and you're in the wrong place.

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Post by Floyd » Wed Dec 29, 2004 8:15 pm

Freeman will have another big game against Craig Smith. Seems like when he has a good challenge he really comes to play. Need Artie to continue playing well and someone else to step up & have a big game (Maxwell?) If that happens UMass by 7

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Post by chuff » Wed Dec 29, 2004 10:03 pm

InnervisionsUMASS wrote:I edited the title of the thread...

"Just like practice."

Does anyone else remember that quote?
I remember seeing it in the Globe... maybe someone can find it?
Don't say I never did anything for you, IV. BTW, it was the Herald.

Copyright 2003 Boston Herald Inc.  
The Boston Herald
December 9, 2003 Tuesday ALL EDITIONS

College Basketball; BC's perfect mark on line

Now comes a real test for undefeated Boston College.

"We've been waiting for this game," freshman Sean Marshall said of today's game in Philadelphia against No. 12 St. Joseph's at the Palestra - a battle of undefeated teams. "We tried to get through these games and be undefeated, and we're going to come out ready to play."

The Eagles are 6-0 heading into this second straight battle with an Atlantic 10 team (BC beat UMass in overtime Saturday), but none of the wins came against a team that even comes close to the Hawks (5-0). Yes, Wichita State (the team BC beat in the title game of the Paradise Jam) is a talented mid-major team that will likely win its conference and go to the NCAA tournament, but this is a real ranked team, one that walked in here for last year's opener and blew those Eagles out of their own gym.

BC sophomore forward Craig Smith doesn't have to be reminded that the Hawks ruined his college debut.

"Oh, did they," he said. "I'm ready for that. It's going to be an all-out battle. Nothing easy - it's going to be a dogfight.

"They've got great guards. Jameer Nelson is one of the best guards in the country. The other guy, (Delonte) West, is a great player."

Nelson, already a three-time A-10 Player of the Week this season, is averaging 19.6 points, 6.8 assists and 5.6 rebounds a game. West, a big guard, is hitting 17.4 points and 4.8 rebounds per game.

"I'm hard-pressed to think that there's a better point guard than him in the country," said BU coach Dennis Wolff, whose team lost to Nelson and the Hawks on Nov. 25.

Today's meeting is a true test for the BC backcourt - the banged-up Louis Hinnant, Jermaine Watson and Steve Hailey being called on to at least try to neutralize St. Joseph's guards. That's not an easy assignment, especially on the road.

"Everybody's gotta bring their 'A' game, I know I will," said Smith, who is averaging 16.8 points and nine rebounds per game (and has had double-doubles in three of the last four games).

Asked to compare the talented Anthony Anderson and the UMass guards to what BC will face today, Smith said, "The UMass guards are great but not as good as St. Joseph's. (UMass) is like practice for us, and we have to be ready for the challenge (today)."

St. Joe's beat 'em.

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