NCAA to allow elite players to hire agents

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tom mclaughlin
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NCAA to allow elite players to hire agents

Post by tom mclaughlin » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:40 pm

NCAA has changed with the times and will allow “elite” players to hire agents and even stay in school. Good day for the college basketball players that have pro potential. The problem is there are kids at every good program that think they are NBA bound. In reality there are about 60 or 70 kids that have a real shot and there are thousands that are playing college ball. The NCAA is also changing by saying schools need to pay for the college education of those that do leave early and come back.
Also the amount of American kids that make the “League” has been adversely affected by the 20 to 30 foreign players that end up coming into the NBA each year. As recently as 15 years ago there were less then 5 foreign players in the NBA and now each team has at least 3 or more.
This rule has merit for the kids that have NBA ability and this type of arrangement has been quietly used by baseball and hockey players for years. You were allowed to meet with and give draft type information with baseball, football and hockey players but couldn’t sign them. You were a so-called advisor which was good for the players and their parents to gauge their talent level as seen by pro teams and give them the proper guidance.
I can recall working for Bob Woolf and Vin Baker was a Junior @ Hartford. We could have enticed him as a Jr to leave early and retained him as a client. Instead we did the proper thing and told him to stay in for his Sr year and be a top pick which he did and made over $100 Million. The problem is some unethical people from his hometown got their hooks into him and it’s a sad and a public story where he lost everything - over $100 Million and it ruined his life for years.
This type of a rule is a little too late in coming and the Marcus Camby situation probably wouldn’t have happened if he was allowed to get proper guidance instead of having people latch onto him like blood suckers and take advantage of him. Marcus was wrong but he was only 20 years old trying to get thru life and these adults used him for their own gain. Marcus was a victim of the NCAA system. There is another UMass basketball situation of over 40 years ago where Julius Erving left early to sign with the Virginia Squires of the ABA. I know for a fact because Bob Woolf who represented Julius when he came out told me he contacted Red Auerbach from the Celtics and Red really wanted Julius but couldn’t sign him because he was an underclass man. Just imagine if this system was in place and Julius was able to get advice before he made a decision. Granted Julius had an unbelievable career but imagine if he had come back and played his Senior season. Who would have been able stop him? Every night as a Senior he would have had a 36 points and 32 rebound performance like he had vs Syracuse on his birthday. He would have been a sensation that college basketball seldom has seen. Unheard of numbers and he would have taken UMass to the NCAA’s and would have been the darling of the entire country. He actually would have been a Magic Johnson or Larry Bird type celebrity before they come on the national scene in the NCAA Champioship game. Also imagine if the NCAA had ever allowed dunking during Julius’s career. He would have been dunking from the foul line in college. Oh what could have been for UMass and the Boston Celtics. It’s nice to dream!

Ed B 81
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Re: NCAA to allow elite players to hire agents

Post by Ed B 81 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:25 pm

I believe that anything the NCAA does to benefit the players is a good thing. Athletes certainly sacrifice a lot including often times their education as well, and not just the elite players, but all the way down the bench. I've always thought more could be done to improve the impact of the yearlong dedication and commitment required of the players to help them get prepared for the next phase of life after basketball. Perhaps something like extended time on the NCAA's dime to fulfill academic requirements would go a long way for both scholarship and non scholarship players.

To be honest, guys like Julius would do well regardless. He just had so much talent. Certainly the teams benefit if a highly talented guy stays a little longer. On a more personal level for everyone else though some rule changes would be very beneficial in my opinion.

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