State of the Progam

Ringing the Bell on a new era of UM Football.
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Re: State of the Progam

Post by econalum » Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:42 am

WSJ article on how smaller FBS and varying FCS schools will be impacted by Power 5 retrenchment to in-conference games. MAC, UConn and BYU are mentioned. Of particular note is that any payout is tied to the gate for the game. BYU has lost almost 1/2 of its 2020 schedule. ... 1594477219
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Re: State of the Progam

Post by stevemaz » Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:37 am

I am glad that they restarted and hope the games at Marshall and at Liberty are played along with maybe a season ender at FAU (Xmas in Florida as a quasi bowl?). This was always going to be a tough year record wise (1-11 or 2-10 was my projection), but I think we are going to see marked improvement. Sure the Defense is likely going to give up 45-50 pts a game this year, but that isn't all that far from where it needs to be (31 is a good goal) The O-line was atrocious in the first half against Ga Southern, but it did begin to shows signs in the second half. Johnson missed an easy TD pass while throwing that pick and Emulus should of had the reception on the first pick (that said, if he was led properly he may have scored as there was no safety on that play leading to a foot race). I think we will see something like Marshall 49 UMass 24 in game two as our offense keeps the ball longer. Liberty will be worse, but they are a true top 25 team and we are not ready for that obviously. I expect a close game vs FAU (It may turn out to be a turning pt).

Let's all stay positive on the team as it is completely ludicrous to bad mouth Bell at this point, especially when it is obvious he has vastly upgraded recruiting.

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