2011 Season Tickets

Ringing the Bell on a new era of UM Football.

Will you purchase season tickets?

Already purchased for 2011
Plan on purchasing before the 2011 season starts
Will be purchasing in 2012 @ Gillette (but not 2011)
Total votes: 28

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Post by cox'n » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:59 am

As I mentioned on another thread, there'll probably a bit of a change in season ticket holders. Some in Western MA will no longer be able to attend while many eastern MA will start buying season tickets. Even though I'm still in the Pioneer Valley I fully understand that there are a lot more people nearer to Foxboro than there are to Amherst.

I've had season tickets since 1999. Even now with a family going to games has been easy and affordable. For me that won't be the case with Foxboro. Again there are more people with more money near Foxboro. Hopefully, they will more than make-up for those of us out here that might not renew tickets. Hopefully, a friend and his family who live near Boston will share season tickets with us in 2012, so I'll still be able to get to games and maintain a good seat.

On the other hand, for years many Alum near Boston have supported UMass Athletics and only rarely attended games or even purchased season tickets. Now it's their chance to get to games regularly and easily.

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